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book 1

the case of the claymore diamond

When the Claymore Diamond is stolen from Ravensburg’s finest jewelry store, Stanley Carusoe gets the bright idea to start a detective agency. But will math skills be enough to solve the crime?

Join Stanley and his friends in this smart and funny first mystery in The Math Inspector series, perfect for kids ages 9-12.Buy Now USBuy Now UK

book 2

the case of the mysterious mr. jekyll

The Math Inspectors are called in to uncover the identity of a serial criminal whose hilarious pranks cross the line into vandalism. But will it cost them more than their reputation?

Join Stanley and his friends to find out in another thrilling adventure of the Math Inspectors series, perfect for kids ages 9-12.Buy Now USBuy Now UK

book 3

the case of the christmas caper

Christmas Eve in Ravensburg is famous for its surprises. But this year’s surprise threatens to ruin Christmas for the whole town. Could one little clue unravel the mystery?

Join Stanley and his friends in a desperate race to save Christmas in this heartwarming tale, perfect for kids ages 9-12.  Buy Now USBuy Now UK

book 4

the case of the hamilton roller coaster

The Math Inspectors are celebrating the end of  sixth grade at Hamilton Amusement Park, only to be forced into action by a mysterious foe who knows all about the young sleuths.

Join Stanley and his friends as they try to save a beloved landmark and uncover the identity of their new enemy, perfect for kids ages 9-12. 

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Ever wonder what your favorite Math Inspectors do for fun? Besides do math and solve crimes, of course. 

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coming soon…   book 5: the forgotten mine

The Math Inspectors spring into action when the traditional seventh-grade field trip to the Forgotten Mine turns perilous.

Stay tuned for another fun adventure with the Math Inspectors, five crime-fighting friends armed with nothing more than numbers and snacks. Lots and lots of snacks!


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Gertie and Felix work hard to give you math problems at the end of each Math Inspector’s book, problems that will help you hone your own detective skills! 

Now it’s time to see if you have what it takes to be a Math Inspector!

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About the authors

Daniel kenney

Daniel Kenney is the co-author of the wildly successful Math Inspectors series and the author/illustrator behind the hit series, The Big Life of Remi Muldoon. He has also written such popular books as Pirate Ninja, The Beef Jerky Gang, and Katie Plumb & The Pendleton Gang. Daniel and his wife live in Omaha, Nebraska with zero cats, zero dogs, one gecko, two very lost toads, and a whole flock of kids. When he’s not writing or parenting, Daniel pursues his other passion, jet packing around the world. Find more information at www.DanielKenney.com.

Emily boever

Emily Boever was born with an over-active imagination. She spent much of her childhood convinced she was The Incredible Hulk and adventuring with three imaginary friends. When Emily grew too old to play with friends no one else could see, she turned her imagination to more mature things like studying, traveling, and teaching. Only after marrying her wonderful husband, Matt, and having kids of her own did Emily discover that she was finally old enough to reunite with her imaginary friends (and even add a few new ones) in the pages of her own books. Emily and Matt live with their kids and a dog named Gus in Omaha, Nebraska. Find more information at www.EmilyBoever.com.


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