“This was the time that math saved me from squirrels. Learn your math, kids. As I always say, math is something you can count on.”  



“So basically, the way I remember it, this picture had nothing to do with math. Felix survived the squirrels by sheer dumb luck that day. But you should still learn math, kids.”


Do you have what it takes to be a Math Inspector?

Here are the answers to the word problems at the back of all the books.

Warning: getting the following answers right means you are Math Inspector material. This could cause a sudden desire to know “why” things happen, an uncontrollable urge to solve mysteries, and (most commonly) an inability to stop thinking about chocolate milk shakes. Are you sure you want this? Proceed at your own risk!

“Hi guys, it’s Gertie. I’ve got Felix with me, too. You know how Stanley asked us to write those word problems for you at the end of all our books? Well, hopefully you’ve been solving them, because they really will help you become a better detective. Plus, they’re not exactly easy to come up with, so it’s kind of the least you can do just to answer them!”

“Hey, all. Felix here. Gertie likes to pretend those problems are a big deal. But really, most of them have been fun. Remember the whole chocolate soup thing? I mean, sure, the whole ice fishing thing was a bit of a fiasco…. But Gertie’s face is turning red just thinking about it, so how about we just get to the answers. Take a look below.”


Book 1 Word Problem Answers

Problem 1:

Polly can buy 9 witch’s brooms with $130.00


Problem 2:

Stella spent $204 attending Rhyming Camp


Problem 3:

Felix could eat 70.5 truffles in 15 minutes

Felix would spend $123.38 on truffles

Bonus: Felix would get sick inside the store


Problem 4:

Welix Wervish would receive 159 votes in the Biggest Doofus in Ravensburg Contest

Molly Martridge would receive 141 votes

Welix wins!


Book 2 Word Problem Answers

Problem 1:

Mr. Under sells 66.67 hotdogs per hour on a Friday night in October


Problem 2:

Felix will need 1.25 gallons of melted chocolate for his Chocolate Eyeball Soup


Problem 3:

Felix will need 44 1-pint jars to sell his 5.5 gallons of Chocolate Eyeball Soup to Mabel


Problem 4:

It will take 353.62 minutes before Felix’s shoulder stops functioning


Okay, Inspector-in-Training, how did you do?


 Here are some tips for solving any math problem you ever face

  • Draw pictures. This is one of the best tips you’ll ever get!
  • Attack! Always begin by answering whatever you can about the problem. Before you know it the little answers will add up to the big answer.
  • Say the problem out loud as you go. Or, as we MI like to say, “Let’s run it through.”
  • Round and estimate before you start. That way you’ll know if you’re way off when you get the final answer.
  • Math with a friend. Because everything is more fun when you add a friend to it.
  • Snack heavily. (You’ll never guess who suggested that one.)
  • Once you’ve got an answer, plug your answer back into the problem and see if it makes sense.