The Math Inspectors

Meet The Math Inspectors


Not only did Stanley come up with the bright idea of starting the Math Inspectors with his friends, but he’s the heart and leader of the Math Inspectors. If he knows there’s a math mystery to be solved, he never gives up…no matter what!


Charlotte has been Stanley’s best friend since she can remember. So, when he decided to start an amateur detective agency, Charlotte was in! She is brave, loyal, athletic, and loves math. Luckily for the Math Inspectors, Charlotte has also has a photographic memory.


Gertie may be the shortest member of the Math Inspectors, but she also has the biggest personality. Her math specialty is word problems, and she always has a notebook ready to take down important notes and work complicated problems. Gertie is feisty but loyal.


Felix loves snacks and hates squirrels. He and Gertie are best of pals, even though Felix drives her a bit crazy. Felix is always fun to have around, but don’t let that fool you: he’s the move advanced mathematician on the team.


Herman wasn’t a part of the Math Inspectors from the beginning. He wasn’t even friends with the rest of the team. His unique talents arn’t mathematical, but Herman has become an indispensable part of the Math Inspectors.


Polly Partridge is DEFINITELY NOT a Math Inspector! She’s the leader of the English Club, and she’s convinced that people who like math more than Shakespeare are crazy. She causes all sorts of problems for the Math Inspectors at school…and sometimes with the police as well.

The Math Inspectors

Collect All Five Math Inspectors Books!

The Case of the Claymore Diamond

The Claymore Diamond has been stolen, the wrong man has been arrested, and the Math Inspectors are on the case! Read it now!

The Case of the Mysterious Mr. Jekyll

When Ravensburg gets hit by a series of hilarious vandalism, the Math Inspectors are called in. Is it to solve the case or take the fall?

The Case of the Christmas Caper

What’s the worst possible Christmas crime? It’s the one that the Math Inspectors face in this story. Can they save Christmas? 

The Case of the Hamilton Roller Coaster

The Math Inspectors are being targeted by a criminal, and more than their reputations are on the line in this wild ride of a mystery! 

The Case of the Forgotten Mine

A field trip to the abandoned mining town of Forgotten, West Virginia… what could go wrong? How about everything!